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Begin to Build A Better Marriage
In 90 Min, Not 90 Days

 Better Marriage Blueprint
90 Min Couples Workshop to help couples identify what's missing in their marriage formula
so they can get out of a rut sooner, communicate better and build a thriving marriage. 

This Workshop Is For You If:
You feel like something is missing in your relationship and you're feeling dissatisfied.
You and your partner have different communication styles and you're tired of arguing.
You want a better relationship, but never taken the time to discuss what that
really means to you both.
 You're not ready to invest in therapy, and want strategies and tools you can implement now.     



Couples attend this workshop at every stage beginning at engagement all the way through marriage maturity.

You & Your Partner Will Learn
The real reason you're experiencing problems in your relationship, that's not even about communication
The strategies for building the healthy relationship you
've always wanted,
despite your childhood examples

Next Workshop Happening Feb. 29th at 7PM
Investment: $47


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